Spanish words for the Camino you already know

Did you know that if you are an English speaker, there are hundreds of words that you already know in Spanish! Discover the most useful for the Camino de Santiago.

English acquired almost a third of its vocabulary from Latin — that’s why you will immediately recognize many Spanish words. Cognates are words in different languages that have a similar form and meaning, because they all come from the same source. The good news is that they will help you to build your Spanish vocabulary with ease.

There are hundreds of English-Spanish cognates, and many of them are perfect cognates — words that are spelt exactly the same in Spanish and English except for maybe a little accent over one letter. They aren’t pronounced the same in English, but once you have learnt the rules for Spanish pronunciation you’ll be able to use them right away!

Here you have a list of 36 perfect English-Spanish cognates that will be really useful for the Camino:

  1. agenda
  2. área
  3. bar
  4. café
  5. cheque
  6. chocolate
  7. decisión
  8. doctor
  9. euro
  10. habitual
  11. hospital
  12. hotel
  13. idea
  14. kilo
  15. lateral
  16. local
  17. mango
  18. manual
  19. melón
  20. menú
  21. natural
  22. normal
  23. oral
  24. particular
  25. pasta
  26. personal
  27. popular
  28. principal
  29. provincial
  30. región
  31. regular
  32. religión
  33. rural
  34. solo
  35. taxi
  36. universal